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You will find below a list of the main services we offer as Customs Brokers and International Freight Forwarders:
  • Customs clearance
  • After-hours service
  • Agents in all Customs offices across Canada
  • Consultation and verification services
  • Duty refunds and drawbacks
  • NAFTA expertise: Canada/United States/Mexico
  • Import permits
  • National customs rulings (tariff classification, value for duty, etc.)
  • Local, regional and national representation with CBSA
  • Follow-up of shipments
  • Bonds for in-bond transportation of goods
  • Customs sufferance warehouse
  • Messenger services at U.S. Borders (customs bonded carrier)


In order to facilitate your exportations, we offer the following services:
  • Export documentation for all countries of the world
  • Consular invoices and legalization of documents
  • Customs clearances abroad
  • Consultation
  • NAFTA Expertise: Canada/United States/Mexico
  • NAFTA Training: certificates of origin, responsibilities, etc.
  • Handling of letters of credit
  • Export permits
  • Consultation on transportation modes and negotiation of rates
  • C-TPAT / PIP

Freight Forwarding

As International Freight Forwarders, we offer you a wide range of modes of transportation as well as related services:

  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • North American land transportation
  • Small parcel service
  • Consolidation services
  • Booking confirmation aboard vessel
  • Container service
  • Freight movement coordination
  • Door-to-door transportation and corresponding rate
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Consultation in international transport
  • Warehousing and distribution